It is back for the 18th year and so many people are excited to take part in this annual event that helps Hudson Valley cancer patients and their families. This Sunday (Sept 26, 2021) is the 18th Annual Bike for Cancer Care a benefit for the Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund.

The official name says bike but this event also offers a 5K Run / Walk all to help local area cancer patients and their families. In the 18 years the event has run they have been able to collect enough funds to help over 2,200 people in our community undergoing treatment for cancer.

You still have time to come out to ride or walk. Online registration is now closed but you can register in person Sunday morning at Dietz Stadium in Kingston. They have three different bike routes, 12, 25 or 50 mile rides. Or you can register to Run / Walk in the 5K around Kingston. If this Sunday doesn't fit into your schedule you can still make a donation until October 31st at

This annual event was started by the family of Rosemary D. Gruner in hope of continuing her great work helping people she came in contact with every day of her life. Her family is so grateful that even during the pandemic last year when the event had to be virtual people still turned out to help out people in their community in a time of need.

The money's raise through this event help cancer patients all year long with expenses like groceries and gas. They are given Hannaford Supermarkets and Stewart's Shops gift cards so that they can have fresh food on the table and gas for their transportation.

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