Bill Murray is the man. We all know this. And now, a true die-hard Bill Murray fan in the Hudson Valley could have a great opportunity: you could get to live in his house!

Located in Rockland County, the house is called "The Manse," and according to, it's currently on the market for $1,695,000. It's the former home of Bill Murray, who still lives in the area (and was recently spotted bartending at a local restaurant).

So if you're a big Bill Murray fan and hope to recreate the scenes from Zombieland where they mess around Bill Murray's house, this is your chance. Or maybe this is a What About Bob? scenario where you're a crazy stalker who just wants to be closer to Bill Murray (which would make him Richard Dreyfuss in this scenario, and now I'm getting confused).

Nevertheless! If you're interested, go ahead and make an offer. Hopefully it doesn't get... lost in translation. Eh? Eh? Alright, that one wasn't my best. Give me some time to rewatch Stripes and I'll come back with a great zinger.