I know I said I wasn't going, but twist my arm, I did end up checking out the Blink-182 show on Sunday. Thankfully the weather held off and it turned out to be a beautiful day in Saratoga.

Congrats again to all our listeners who got hooked up with tickets to the show. There were some amazing opening acts which made it that much better. D.J. Snake got the crowd warmed up for the first opening band, 'All Time Low'. It was the last show (for awhile) for the guys who are sharing opening responsibilities with 'All American Rejects'. They will be taking over as the fist opening band for the next few months.

Also opening for Blink was A Day to Remember. I'll be honest the only song I had ever listened to from them was "All I Want" so I was a little shocked to find out they had a very heavy sound. Which is cool, I just smashed my head up and down and all around and I fit right in.

On to the main event: Blink-182 -- or maybe I should say Blink AT (after Tom). I wanted to go into the show with an open mind. After all, Tom did this to himself. He was the one who went all alien crazy and ultimately the band had to move on. I get, but I don't think I like it. I tried to, I swear! I have the new album, it's cool, it's good. It's just not 100% Blink, which of course makes total sense because the band isn't 100%; it's more like 66.6%.

Nothing against Matt Skiba, but he just doesn't have the same sound. That is just fine and dandy for the new tunes but when you're trying to rock out to classic Blink tunes it throws you off. I'm still very glad I went to see them and I would absolutely say you show go check them out for yourselves and give the new album 'California' a shot. Again it's not "traditional" Blink but I'm sure that's not what they're after. You have to find your own sound Blink AT.

Now please enjoy some of my infamously grainy pictures and be sure you like me on Facebook to check out some of the stellar videos I shout...spoiler alert....you can hear me singing like and angel in one of them. Enjoy!