We've got a bevy of Blink-182 for you this Friday. A trio of tracks featuring the pop-punk icons has surfaced, starting with the band's latest Christmas song (or anti-Christmas song) titled "Not Another Christmas Song."

As the title suggests, the band is kind of downplaying the holiday, feeling the fatigue that typically comes toward the end of the year. There is no "ho ho ho" or yuletide cheer to be had here. Blink have simply had it, writing about the seasonal depression, as you can view in the lyrics below and hear in the player at the bottom of this post. If "Not Another Christmas Song" is your jam, pick it up here.

I hate to be a downer but I spent too many hours
Crossing days off the calendar
It don't mean nothing to me

I'm burned out like lights on a tree
Old songs, can't listen to these
Fake a smile but all I can see is empty boxes and trees

Another year not a coffin
Growing up or whatever you call it
Sometimes you get what you got but it's not what you wanted at all
This is not another Christmas song

Why can't we get divorced for Christmas
Because it just isn't the same
I miss the nights that we got twisted
I miss fucking in the rain

And now you're always angry and I'm always saying I'm sorry
Depression’s such a lonely business
Why can't we get divorced for Christmas?

Meanwhile, Blink turn up on two other newly released songs, though as special guests rather than the original recording artist. The Chainsmokers called upon a guest turn from the band in their new song "P.S. I Hope You're Happy," while Blink also lent a hand to the posthumous XXXtentacion album Bad Vibes Forever. After learning that the rapper was a fan of their group, the agreed to help finish out the album's closing track, "It's All Fading to Black." Listen to both of those songs below.

The flurry of new music comes on the heels of one of the band's better albums of their career. Nine arrived early this fall, giving us some of the year's best music. The band has shut down touring for the year, but stay tuned here to see what 2020 brings in terms of concerts.

The Chainsmokers featuring Blink-182, "P.S. I Hope You're Happy"

XXXtenatacion With Blink-182, "It's All Fading to Black"

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