If you've been frequenting this Hudson Valley bagel shop for the last couple of years, you would definitely know! But who would've thought to combine a bait business with a bagel business? That would be Rosemarie and Steve in Lagrangeville! Not only have they been catering to two big markets in Dutchess County, but they also are major trendsetters!

Blondie's Bagels and Bait Serves Stuffed Bagels Called Blondie BombShells

I'm sure you've probably seen or heard of the viral "stuffed bagels" that have been circulating on social media. Essentially, you wrap the dough around what you want in the sandwich, whether it be something as simple as cream cheese or more filling like deli meats and veggies, and then bake and sometimes fry it all together.

Even though these stuffed bagels are just surfacing on social media lately, Blondie's Bagels have been doing it FOR YEARS!

Since they opened in the Hudson Valley about 3 years ago, they have been serving The BombShells. Blondie's Specialty sandwiches are wrapped and stuffed in their bagel dough and then baked or deep fried.

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They offer a number of amazing BombShells like:

  • The Spicy Red Head3 Eggs with sausage, bacon, ham, American cheese, hash browns with buffalo sauce stuffed in a bombshell  
  • The Brazen Brunette - House-made fresh roast beef with melted Swiss, scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns in a toasted garlic bombshell 

  • The Silver FoxEgg whites, turkey, melted Swiss and avocado stuffed in an everything bombshell

Blondie's Bagels and Bait in Lagrangeville, NY

The concept may sound odd, but it is so worth taking a drive over to Lagrangeville to enjoy these delectable bagels. Plus, if you love to fish, get your bait there at the same time. Honestly, having a warm fresh bagel while you throw out your line in the morning sounds amazing.

Steve and Rosemarie moved to the Hudson Valley from New York City and yearned for the fresh, handmade city-style bagels they were used to. Steve, of Jewish ancestry, graduated from New York Restaurant School as a chef and Rosemarie, an Italian-American who had previously owned a diner decided to start fresh in their new hometown and bring a bite of the city to Dutchess County.

In their journey to find the perfect location to open their bagel shop, they realized the demand for a place to sell live bait! Crazy as it sounded, they planted the seed and from that grew the marriage of the two to form Blondie's Bagels and Bait.

Blondie's, which offers dine-in seating and a lounge, prides itself in quality food. They spent months perfecting their bagel recipes. On their website, they say, "Our store is an extension of our home."

In their (separate) bait store, they carry fishing apparel and live bait including various-sized shiners, crayfish and trout worms. They also take special orders if they don't carry it so just ask! Their retail area is where they also sell Blondie's merchandise and gifts for the foodie in your life

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