One of the cleverest businesses in New Paltz, NY recently made a massive announcement.

In the new era of the gig economy, much of the money that is spent locally is actually siphoned by national companies. Services like DoorDash and Uber Eats might deliver local food, but the publicly traded, multi-billion dollar corporations have interests far outside the Hudson Valley. That's what made Carry Out Kings so special.

Photo of Main Street in New Paltz, NY
New Paltz, NY has benefitted from a local business called Carry Out Kings for 11 years (Google)

About Carry Out Kings in New Paltz, NY

Carry Out Kings was established in 2013 as a way for New Paltz, NY residents to get reliable takeout food. In many ways a local precursor to apps like Postmates and DoorDash, the company now offers delivery to surrounding Ulster County, NY towns like Rosendale, Gardiner, and Highland. Recently, a big change was announced.


Big Announcement from Carry Out Kings in New Paltz, NY

"Over the last few years as our Industry has evolved, and as our families and other obligations have grown, it has become increasingly difficult for the two of us to dedicate the time and effort that this business demands", began a recent post from the business owners (below). Instead of closing, however, a new idea emerged.

Change of Ownership at Carry Out Kings in New Paltz, NY

"We are beyond excited to announce that we are selling this business to our long-time-employee-turned-friend, Vici Gajdzik", the post continued. The announcement was very welcome news for residents not only looking to order food without leaving their home, but to keep their money entirely in the local community as well.

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