You've heard of Dancing Queen, but have you heard of Dancing Bugs? Apparently, they can actually be found on trees right here in the Hudson Valley.

When you see dancing bugs on your social media timeline, you have to investigate further. The DEC posted a video recently of these white, fuzz-ball-like, bugs that were shaking and looked as if they were dancing.

These dancing bugs can be found on beech trees and their sick dance moves have earned them the nickname Boogie-Woogie bugs.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation breaks down what boogie-woogie bugs really are and explain the following:

Also known as the beech blight aphid, these native insects drink beech tree sap. As nymphs, they flock together for protection and waive their woolly posteriors in unison to befuddle would-be predators. Though their numbers can reach music festival-like densities, they rarely harm beech trees and their populations are controlled naturally by predators such as birds, beetles, and tiny wasps. Though they look soft, please don’t pet the aphids as they can defend themselves with a sharp poke.

In other words, do not disturb the Boogie-Woogie bugs while they're getting their groove on. Noted.

Take a look at the Boogie Woogie bugs breaking it down:

The Beech Blight Aphid is found in all 50 states across the US and according to, they could cause some serious damage:

Though the Beech Blight Aphid is tiny compared to other insects, in large numbers they have the potential to devastate plant populations. Aphids are rapid reproducers and can dry out and kill large swaths of trees if left unchecked.


From what we've heard no music is needed to see a beech blight aphid dance, but it can't hurt to bring some soothing tunes into nature the next time you hit the Hudson Valley trails.

To learn more about the Beech Blight Aphid visit NYS.DEC.GOV for more information.

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