Do you like attend a Sunday brunch at your favorite restaurant, but make sure to wait until later in the morning so you will be able to have an adult beverage? Mimosa perhaps? Maybe a Bloody Mary full of horseradish?

In the State of New York, currently, there is a law on the Alcohol Beverage Control that says something to the effect of, one cannot be sell alcohol before noon on Sunday. (Yes, you can buy beer starting at 8AM at the grocery store, but you can still not served it, ie a restaurant or pub until 12PM).

This law dates back to the repeal of Prohibition in 1934, lets fast-forward to 2016. Same law, still in effect. Governor Cuomo has proposed legislation that will allow restaurants, bars and taverns to be able to serve alcohol on Sunday mornings starting at 8AM. Where does this potential law now stand? The legislature needs to approve it, then Governor Cuomo has to sign off on it. The time table for this? Let's hope it is less than 82 years.