As a proud Massachusetts resident, it's intriguing to consider where Paul Bunyan's true home might be. While his legendary exploits span across various states, including tales of him splitting the Maine to my home state of  Massachusetts with just a bath, As a baby no less! There's a compelling case for New York's Enchanted Forest as his fitting modern-day residence.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari in the Adirondacks not only boasts a towering statue of Paul Bunyan but also embodies the spirit of adventure and folklore that he represents. For decades, families have enjoyed the park's attractions amidst the backdrop of Paul Bunyan's larger-than-life presence, creating lasting memories akin to the tall tales told about him.

Every June, guests and team members at Enchanted Forest Water Safari are invited to share their photos with Paul Bunyan from past visits!

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Paul Bunyan's legend, which originated from the stories of Northeastern lumberjacks, continues to captivate imaginations across the country. Whether he's believed to have created natural wonders like the Great Lakes or simply left his mark on towns with towering statues, his legacy endures as a symbol of American frontier spirit and ingenuity.

So, on this National Paul Bunyan Day, let's celebrate the mythical lumberjack who traversed states and shaped landscapes with his axe and his ox. Whether you're in Massachusetts, New York, or beyond, Paul Bunyan's legend unites us in appreciation for storytelling, adventure, and the enduring spirit of the American frontier.


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