New legislation has made it legal to manufacture and sell ice cream and desserts made with liquor in New York State.

According to a press release, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that makes the manufacture and sale of ice cream and frozen desserts made with liquor in New York State legal. This bill will help New York dairy farmers, dairy processors, and manufacturers, as well as liquor and craft beverage producers.

New York Senator Rachel May had a positive reaction to the bill, saying, "New Yorkers are already able to responsibly enjoy beer, wine, and cider infused ice creams. Thanks to this bill, vendors will now be able to offer their customers another delicious treat. This legislation will help New York's dairy industry and our liquor and craft beverage industries at the same time."

The new legislation will limit the amount of alcohol in ice cream to no more than 5% by volume and would require the same product labeling and warning statements similar to confectionary that contain wine, beer, or cider. New York now ranks in the top five for U.S. for its number of craft beverage producers in each category. New York has the hardest cider producers, second most craft breweries, and fourth most wineries in the U.S.

In response to the bill, Governor Cuomo said, "The craft beverage industry has experienced explosive growth in New York and with that comes a responsibility to advance regulations that help ensure long-term viability, protect consumers and provide farmers with opportunities to increase their business. This legislation will further grow a burgeoning industry and boost small businesses while helping to put them on a path of sustained growth that empowers both producers and consumers."

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