A young boy is recovering after a scary encounter with a bear in Orange County.

ABC 7 NY reports that a Boy Scout from the Cooperstown area suffered minor injuries after a bear attack while camping in Harriman State Park in Southfields, New York.

Diana Nicols, who is the young boy's Scoutmaster, posted about the May 1st incident on Facebook. She wrote, as reported by ABC 7:

"The Scout is okay- minor abrasions and some good contusions, and an amazing story. This kid is pretty spectacular."


 The Facebook post goes on to explain that while the scouts were camping at Harriman State Park they had stored all their food properly and safely. However, even though all safety measures were followed, ABC 7 explains:
 "The bear grabbed the scout's lower leg through his sleeping bag, and he yelled and kicked the bear, which then left for awhile."
According to reports, on May 5th the bear was captured and "humanely euthanized" by U.S. Department of Agriculture staff along with help from the State Parks and DEC.
If you happen to be camping, follow the DEC's recommended steps to avoid bear-human conflicts:
  • Keep your campsite as clean as possible. Take all garbage and recyclables to the recycling center each evening.
  • Do not leave coolers or food out at any time. Store them securely in either the trunk of your car or in the cab of your truck. Keep windows shut and food and coolers out of sight. Where food lockers are provided, food and coolers must be stored and locked inside. Standard coolers are not bear-resistant.
    • Bear-resistant coolers are available for purchase or rent from many local, national, and web-based outdoor recreation retailers. View a list of bear-resistant products (leaves DEC website).
  • NEVER keep food, coolers, or scented items in your tent. Do not wear clothing to bed that was worn while preparing or eating meals.
  • Treat all toiletries as food items. Toiletry products are heavily scented and are as attractive to bears as actual food. Store toiletries securely with your coolers and food.
  • Clean up after all meals immediately. Keep grills, pots, pans, cooking utensils, and wash basins clean when not in use. Do not wash dishes or leave food debris under the water faucets.
  • Do not put grease, garbage, plastic diapers, cans, bottles, or other refuse into the fireplace. These items do not properly burn and will attract bears with their odors.

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