The Boy Scouts of America have recently made a decision to let girls in the group. Do you agree with this decision or should there be gender boundaries for young adults?

Should Boys in the Boy Scouts and girls should be in the Girl Scouts. It sounds pretty simple doesn't it? I guess in 2017, it can get a little confusing. I mean, after all we aren't even sure what bathrooms we should use.

According to The Guardian, five young girls in California are fighting for their rights to be in the Girl Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America announced yesterday that they will start to let girls in. Do you agree with this decision? Should we have gender boundaries in these youth programs?


Here are some other comments from residents in the Hudson Valley.

"I am all about girls doing WHATEVER they want in life… They absolutely should not be limited… But again… Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are two separate entities for a reason. And it needs to remain that way."

"I am disappointed in the decision from the Boy Scouts to allow girls to join, parents should have pushed for the Girl Scout program to change instead."


"They should stay separated. Parents can enroll their children in the co-ed program if that's what they want. These days people are just looking for something to make a controversy out of. It's ridiculous. Liberals are tainting our country."

Is the Boy Scout and Girl Scout model outdated? There is a modern co-ed program already called The Adventure Scouts. Should we keep the scouts separate or just throw them all in one big group.

Hopefully, this isn't a smoke screen for the boys to steal any cookie recipes.