George Carlin summarized how he approaches the world in a way that kind of reflects the way I do, as well: that he's just here for the show. That's a pretty solid summation of my experience here at WRRV: I'm here, I observe, I share observations.

So naturally, when I found out that Brandi was going to be on the patio planting a garden, I had to go observe that. I don't know why she's planting one, I don't know when she got the idea to plant one, and I don't know what she plans on doing with the harvest of whatever it is she ends up growing back there, but I figured it was my duty to document it. So I did so. I'm basically a journalist:

Hopefully soon this thing will result in something that we can actually eat but for now, well, there you go: Brandi is planting a garden. We'll keep you posted.