It's called Euthanasia sauce and it's officially the Hudson Valley's hottest wing sauce. It may be New York's hottest wing.

If you have to wear a glove and sign a waiver just to eat a chicken wing then it must be pretty damn hot, right? Well, I put the Euthanasia wing to the test at Hudson Valley Wing Wars 2018.

AJ's Cafe in Wappingers Falls, New York prides themselves on having the mother of all spicy wings. They successfully won the title for the hottest wings. As I watched several brave men and women try to eat the wing and immediately spit it out, sip some milk and sprint to the bathroom you would have thought that would have deterred me from trying them. It totally did too but eventually the peer pressure got me and I took a bite or two.

If you'd like to see a grown man cry. This is the video for you.

Hey, at least I finished it.