It's been an interesting run for Breaking Benjamin over the years. The band arrived in the midst of a thriving rock scene with labels looking to capitalize on the spike of interest in heavier music. Signing with Hollywood Records, the band started their career with the solid and somewhat overlooked debut disc Saturate, and saw their star rise a bit more with each pending album -- from We Are Not Alone to Phobia to Dear Agony.

But at the band's peak, a disagreement between band frontman Ben Burnley and his fellow bandmates over the rights to use the band name without Burnley's approval led to an extended court battle. Eventually Burnley won out, retained the name and repopulated his group with new players and in the process created the strong 2015 comeback disc Dark Before Dawn.

But which of these offerings is their best work? In the gallery below, we rank the band's studio albums from weakest to strongest, so scroll through and see if you agree.