Breaking Benjamin fans across the pond are rejoicing as the band is finally making it's way to Europe and the U.K.

If you're a true BB fan then you know how big a deal it is that the band if finally going overseas. Founding member and lead singer Benjamin Burnley has long suffered from various fears and enigmas, one of which is Ben's fear of flying. (Ben addressed many of his fears and anxiety's in the 2006 album Phobia.)

Now a fear of flying is no little thing and millions of people suffer from this fear but when you're in band and trying tour it can certainly make things difficult and can sometimes snuff out fast growing success. So what do you do to get your band and your music to your fans that are so far away...well hop on board a ship of course!


A little while back the band announced it would be adding Europe and the U.K. to it's 2016 tour. And although fans were excited...many like myself wondered how Ben would do it? I personally had a chat with Ben when he was at the Civic Center last year and (from what I can remember) Ben said this new relaunch of the band was about moving forward and although he knows there are things that hold him back, his fear of flying would not be one of them.

Good for you Ben and a big congrats to all the guys in Breaking Benjamin! You know what they always say, 'if there's a will, there's a way' and in this case a week long transatlantic cruise is the way. While abroad the guys will play 14 show's, making stops in the U.K., Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Russia. A very full schedule for the three week trip.

But no worries guys the band will be back stateside and will be rocking out in New York again before you know it. July in fact! Until then you can reminisce by checking out some footage from the last time they were in town. Enjoy!