My future husband this week is a Guiness World Record Holder. He loves taking his obsessions to new levels, even extremes to be able to hold his Guinness records.

His name is Har Rishi and he has over 20 Guinness World Records. What are the records that he is most proud of? He has 366 flags tattooed on his body, he is able to put 496 drinking straws in his mouth, and he is able to hold more than 50 burning candles in his mouth.

He holds so many records he now asks people to refer to him by the name Guinness. While it was the more than 500 tattoos that got the worlds attention, he says that the hardest record to accomplish was the drinking straws… Because he needed more room in his mouth to be able to fit the straws, he had his teeth removed. His next goal? Adding to more tattoos to his collection on world leaders, currently he is at five world leader tattoos and he would like to add more.