Longtime teacher and coach Justin Wiesenthal was advising his students regarding their late winter dance. He suggested a donation to the SPCA and the student council ran with the idea. The students organized almost entirely on their own and their due diligence resulted in over 750 different items brought into the dance to be donated to the Dutchess County SPCA.

They even raffled off a brand new iPad which was paid for from the students' own class fund. This is a major win for the students, teachers and community.

The SPCA is run almost entirely on donations and hard work from volunteers. Without efforts from people like the middle school students in Rhinebeck, the no-kill shelter would have a very difficult time giving their orphaned animals a safe place to live before finding forever homes.

If this inspires you to perhaps drop some change into a donation can next time you come across one, then mission accomplished.

Cash donations are always helpful but item donations are always needed. Pet food, paper towels, cleaning supplies, peanut butter, yes even peanut butter are all helpful donations. More information about how to donate or even becoming a volunteer can be found on the DCSPCA website.

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