Are you thinking about canceling your Optimum service? Maybe you have phone, cable TV and internet (and even cell phone service) with them? Have you been thinking about cutting the cord and discontinuing your cable service?

If you have Optimum service as your cable provider, internet, etc then you will need to do this one thing before you walk into the cable company with your equipment. This actually might surprise you.

What will you need to do before you turn in your cable equipment with Optimum?

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Rainer Puster

Ok, so you are done with your Optimum service. You are ready to march into their office and potentially not so politely, give them their equipment and share with them your not so glowing experience with whatever it is that is making you no longer do business with them, but did you cancel your service first? Yes, before you walk into their office.

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What do you mean, cancel your service BEFORE you go to the Optimum office?

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Trust me, I too was surprised, along with the 5 other people who were in line, in front of me, who did not know that they needed to cancel their service before their equipment could be turned in. Yes, lots of super surprised people in that office. The representatives at the cable company said that persons who were wanting to discontinue their service, had to call the cable company and speak to someone there, and actually cancel their service over the phone, before they could take their equipment back.

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Heads up, if you want to cancel your Optimum service, you will need to call them to cancel your service before you can turn your equipment in.

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