So you remember the Friday night heard throughout the Hudson Valley? The one where people (and possibly you) were losing your mind because the internet and the cable were out? For some people just not having internet is enough to cause them to start to have a slight panic, but if you are a customer who also relies on the cable lines for tv and phone, that night was a 'very long couple of hours' for you.

Two weeks ago, Optimum/Altice sent out an email to their customers saying that they should expect a credit on a future bill because of the issue. So imagine the surprise when I opened up my Optimum app to see if my next bill was ready. I didn't find a bill, I found a credit. To be honest, while the credit is a relatively small amount, I am amazed it is more than $1.00.


Nick looked at for a few things that I could purchase for $2.75 on their website. Here is what he came up with:

  • A 12 pack of original flavor Slim Jims
  • A  box of variety flavored Pop Tarts
  • A box of Band Aid's for him

What will you do with your cable refund? Have you thought about trying the Altice wireless phone plan? Here is what happened when Brandi switched over to it.

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