I was scrolling through my channel guide yesterday when I noticed something weird: channels 340 through 358 on Optimum had gone completely dark. Where there used to be a list of all the movies available on Starz and Encore, instead it just said "No Data," and told me to look up what's happening on the internet.

And look it up I did! Apparently going into the new year, Optimum and Starz weren't able to renegotiate a deal, and Altice, the company that owns Optimum in New York, decided to drop Starz entirely. Encore is a part of Starz, so that means a good fifteen or so movie channels have been taken away from New Yorkers without warning.

The Starz channels will be replaced with some other channels, like Hallmark Drama, Sony Movies, and MGM HD. But it also means that people hooked on Starz TV shows may be out of luck unless they subscribe to their streaming service. Starz is home to shows like OutlanderAmerican Gods, and one of my favorites, Ash vs. Evil Dead,

Do you think this is a temporary move until they can negotiate a deal? Or is Starz really gone from New York cable boxes forever?

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind