The use of car lights at one New York Drive-in movie theater has gotten so bad that they have shared specific instructions that everyone should follow the next time they go to the drive-in.

If you have ever been to a drive-in movie theater you already know that it can get annoying when any vehicle near you does anything with their car lights while the movie is showing. If it never happened to you picture this, you and the family are sitting in the car watching and enjoying a movie when all of a sudden out of nowhere the car in front of you hits the brake pedal and their brake lights come on. It's comparable to someone surprising you with a flashlight to the eyes, it can be startling.


Stop Tapping Your Brake Pedal Durning the Movie!!

Back in 2009, I remember watching the first Hangover movie at the drive-in in Hyde Park, New York, and the car in front of us hit the brake pedal at least 25 times throughout the movie. One time the guy didn't just tap the pedal he rested his foot on it for like 5 minutes and didn't stop until someone from the car next to us went over and asked them to stop. What's even worse is when someone parked behind you turns their headlights on, talk about a surprise...LOL! Car light issues have progressively worsened over the years and one New York drive-in shared proper car light instructions while visiting their theater.


Car Light Rules at Drive-in Movies

The Glen Drive-In Theater, located at 983 State Route 9, Queensbury, NY, has been showing great drive-in movies since 1958 and recently they posted on Facebook the proper way to use all car lights while at their drive-in theater. The post started with what I think most people already know, "PLEASE make sure ALL car lights are off during the movie!" This includes all exterior lights including headlights, tail lights, fog lights, daytime running lights, and back hatch lights. They also reminded folks to make sure all interior lighting remains off during the movie.


What to Do if You Can't Get Your Car Lights to Turn Off

Believe it or not, some people actually have an issue when it comes to being able to shut their car lights off according to the drive-in, "We understand that there are some cases where it's not possible to turn your lights off!" If that happens to you they offered up a few solutions to make sure you aren't the focus of other movies goers' anger including this trick:

1) Engage your E Brake/Parking Brake (on newer cars it is now a button instead of a lever)
2) Turn your car off
3) Turn your car back on

If this trick works make sure you remember, "keep your emergency brake engaged for the entire length of the movie(s)! Do not disengage it until you're ready to leave!"

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Drive-in Movie Offer Light Covers?

The Glen Drive-in did say that if any guest can't figure out how to shut their lights off they do offer light covers at their snack bar,

"If you can't turn your lights off for ANY reason, come to the snack bar & ask for light covers! Please do NOT leave your lights on & wait for an attendant to come to you during the movie! On busy nights, it sometimes takes our attendants 30-45 minutes to go around & cover everyone's lights due to the excessive amount of cars with lights on!"

Car Light Covers for Drive-in Movies

If you already know that your car lights are going to be an issue when you go to the drive-in you can always bring your own "light covers". Simply bring a few towels, blankets, paper bags, or black garbage bags to cover your lights. Make sure you bring enough for all the lights you think you might have a problem with.

The Glen Drive-in and every other drive-in in New York want all guests to enjoy the experience,

"DON'T BE THAT PERSON! Please be proactive if you know your lights don't turn off! If you don't know if your lights turn off or not - please check your lights prior to the movie start!! We encounter a lot of drivers who have no idea their lights are on until our attendants approach their vehicles to fix the issue!"

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