Is this something you would ever think of doing to your car or truck? Is it even legal?

If you've ever gone on vacation to another part of the U.S. you already know that things are quite different in other parts of the country. In some parts of the country some say that folks seem to be a little more patient than us New Yorkers, maybe a little friendlier but after spending a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina I've come home with a question about something I saw all over the place and I'm wondering if I missed something?


Truck Squat

If you've never heard the term "truck squat" before let's try to understand exactly what it is. It's officially called the "Carolina Squat" and as you can see in the picture above its a style of driving where the front end of a vehicle is raised while simultaneously lowering the back according to JD Power. Trucks that have a squat-type suspension cause the truck's front end to point slightly higher while the back end is closer to the ground, which makes the truck look like it's squatting.

Is the Carolina Squat Legal?

According to ABC the squat is now illegal in North Carolina and appears to be really close to being outlawed in South Carolina as a new bill outlawing the squat is on the governor of South Carolina's desk awaiting his signature.

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Is This Trend Coming to New York?

After seeing hundreds of trucks like the one pictured above last week in Myrtle Beach, I wondered are we going to start seeing trucks like this in New York. Personally, I haven't seen any truck in New York look like this, and after trying to read through New York's car/truck suspension rules it appears that New York does not have regulations on suspension and frame lift heights. New York does require cars, and SUVs to have bumpers mounted between 16 and 20 inches, while trucks have a maximum bumper height of 30 inches according to Your Mechanic.

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