Europe is in the midst of quite the heat wave. How much of a heat wave? So much heat you can actually watch cars melt.

No, it's not a Salvador Dali painting, it's a melting automobile in the town of Caorle in northern Italy. A British tourist noticed the car actually dripping onto the pavement and decided this must be recorded.

So how hot was it, aside from hot enough to melt a Renault Megane? 37 degrees Celsius, or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which doesn't seem like that much considering some parts of the Mediterranean are apparently hitting 63 degrees Celsius--an unbelievable 145 degrees Fahrenheit.


98 Degrees ruining cars, huh? Looking back on it, we probably should have realized the evil power of Nick Lachey's baggy jeans/Skechers sneakers combo.