The first major part of the new cashless toll system coming to the New York State Thruway has been installed in the Syracuse area.

The plan is to convert the entire Thruway by the end of the year. The new gantries installed will hold cameras and sensors to detect vehicular traffic and charge drivers for driving through the automated tolls. Soon 70 gantries will be at entry points for the highway replacing existing toll booths. According to a press release, each gantry will be made with 100% American made steel and will weigh approximately 25,000 pounds.

The existing toll booths will be removed in phases and will be considered active construction sites when work is being done on them. A 20 MPH speed limit will be enforced at that time.

Drivers with E-ZPass will be largely unaffected but those who are used to paying tolls will instead receive a bill in the mail.

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