Are you thinking of getting a pet but you aren't sure if you are a dog or a cat person. Forget the stereotypes for a minute and really give it some thought. If you are still wrestling with the decision I may have something that might help you make up your mind.

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I have always been a dog person and there are so many reasons why. First and foremost I am allergic to cats. I can be around them but if I pet one and then touch my face I am done. I was around cats growing up because every barn I ever spent time in always had a barn cat. Barn cats are in my opinion the coolest cats.

Growing up my family always had dogs. This may have influenced my decision to be a dog person when I got my first pet on my own. But I think the truth is I am just really a dog person. By the way, I do think you can be both a dog and a cat person if it turns out you can't make up your mind.


3 Ways to Know if You're a Cat Person

1 - You don't need a lot of interaction with your pet. Cats can be aloof and independent. They can often act like a roommate you never see.

2 - You don't mind cleaning a litter box.

3 - You can open canned fish without holding your nose.

dog leather leash

3 Ways to Know If You're a dog person

1 - You don't mind taking your pet in the car, dogs live for car rides.

2 - You are prepared to a large part of your bed with your dog. They like to be with the pack. Bedtime is no different.

3 - You like to go on walks. I do realize that people do walk their cats but honestly, that isn't the norm however when you have a dog get ready to walk daily.

These few things I have listed can help. They may not be the exact reason that you prefer either dogs or cats but you must admit these few things to matter. So good luck and remember to adopt from a shelter. So many homeless pets are waiting for their forever home.

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