If you grew up in the Hudson Valley or tri-state area, there's a good chance you probably took a road trip to the Catskill Game Farm.

Some of my favorite family memories come from the Catskill Game Farm. There was that one time a peacock "chased" 4-year-old me around the park. I cried my eyes out, my family still laughs about it until this day.

I know I'm not alone when it comes to strolling down memory lane at the Catskill Game Farm. Wouldn't it be cool to live on said memory lane? Because you actually can!

The Catskill Game Farm is Up For Sale

According to Zillow, back on January 4th, 2022, the Catskill Game Farm was listed for sale. For a cool $3,600,000 you can actually own the Catskill Game Farm. With 193 acres of land and beautiful views, you'd be silly to pass up this gem.

Magical Hudson Valley Property

The Zillow listing goes on to explain what you'll get writing:

Enter into a large living room style common area, the Inn has six beautifully appointed bedrooms, a game room, outdoor hot tub and a wonderful chefs kitchen. Additional amenities include upscale private Glamping sites. Imagine a residential development of this (1.5 acre zoning) area utilizing its multiple water wells. The typography lends itself to many privately sighted building locations which currently have road access. There is the possibility of reimagining existing structures for permitted uses as well. This is a magical Hudson Valley property.

They've got one thing right, it is indeed a magical piece of property. Remeber April the Giraffe who made headlines back in 2019? She was born at the Catskill Game Farm and lived there until they closed up shop in 2006.

What are some of your favorite memories at the Game Farm? So maybe you don't have $3,600,000 laying around, but it sure is fun to think about owning the infamous Catskill Game Farm. What kind of reservations would you make or would you actually turn it back into a petting zoo!?

If you're a dreamer, take a look at the photos of the Catskill Game Farm below and get to planning your HGTV makeover.

Own a Part of Your Childhood, The Catskill Game Farm is For Sale!

If you grew up in the Hudson Valley or tri-state area, the likelihood is you visited the Catskill Game Farm. If you're looking to relive those sweet childhood memories why not buy The Old Catskill Game Farm?

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