It's not surprising that National Napping Day comes the day after we 'spring forward' our clocks and live (in our kitchens and cars where the clocks don't automatically change) wondering what the real time is.  Anyone else ask Alexa what the real time is yesterday or today, I certainly did.

Anyway, according to,

A needed rest can make you feel better and also improve your mood. After having the extra amount of sleep, a person will notice that they will be more productive and energetic.

Numerous studies have shown that short 10-20 minute naps are the most effective when midday fatigue hits. Improvements in alertness, productivity and mood have all been shown to improve with this type of snooze.

While I appreciate the idea of 'short 10-20 minute naps,' if i'm going for an afternoon snooze, i'm really looking for an hour (or more, let's be serious here).

I struggle regularly to get my toddler to nap, negotiating, promising post-nap treats, meanwhile, I would LOVE for someone to beg for me to stop what i'm doing and lay down, uninterrupted, for a decent amount of time....

If you are getting into the nap day holiday spirit, be sure to make it social media official by using the #NationalNappingDay hashtag.

By the way, the photo is totally me, my dad, and if you look really closely all the way to the left my daughter's head.  We were not celebrating this particular holiday, but rather enjoying Father's Day 2018 together - sorry dad!