Christmas Cookies are starting to trend on social media and there is one I can't wait to make. It's the Melted Snowman. Check it out. Delish makes it look fun and yummy.

When I was a kid we always made Christmas cookies. My Mom would start a week or so before Thanksgiving. I am not sure if that is because she had so many to make or because we ate so many before Christmas either way they were always good but usually not real creative.

We had the cookie press that was popular in the 70's that made different shapes. We would also get all the assorted sprinkles and things to decorate them but the end results was still just a sugar cookie with sprinkles. I don't think I found out about Snickerdoodles until college. My Mom was the queen of the sugar cookie with colored sprinkles or maybe those silver balls made of sugar that could break a tooth. There was nothing fancy about cookies at my house. They were just simple and yummy.

My Mom's sugar cookie may be why I am finding this Melted Snowman cookie so amazing. Marshmallows and icing with sprinkles on a sugar cookie now that's living. I am looking forward to bringing out Mom's stuff and going just a little further this holiday season with the sugar cookie decorating. Look out Martha Stewart Paty Quyn thinks she can bake.