A tractor-trailer overturned on I-84 causing an egg-splosion of chickens, bringing traffic to an abrupt stop.

We've always wondered why the chicken crossed the road, but surely this can't the reason. Wednesday morning a tractor-trailer hauling chickens overturned on Interstate 84 eastbound on the off-ramp of exit 4E, blocking the ramp to 17 westbound.

Hopefully, the driver was not hurt during this incident. Specific details are still unknown at this point, but one would assume there was no fowl play, just simply poultry in motion.

Perhaps the chickens were aware of their fate and made a last ditch effort at an escape. Maybe they've been working on their hen-durance, and said, "Let's wing it, and get off this truck."

Traffic was affected throughout the morning hours, as the chickens needed to be rounded up and transferred to another truck.

If it were the chickens trying to escape, I'm positive there's a ringleader. There's always one cuckoo cluck in the bunch.

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