I was doing a lot of running around this weekend, I pretty much saw every inch of the state below of the Capital Region. When you're running around for bachelor parties, community events, and theater performances, you'll be very busy! That, and you work up an appetite.

I was between events when I found myself around Middletown. I was starving, and had a huge craving for Chicken and Broccoli with a side of Dumplings. I remember that we had created a list of the best Chinese restaurants in and around Middletown, NY. I looked at the list to see what was closest to me, and I stopped for some food! It was exactly what I needed!

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But looking at the list, I noticed that it was about a year old. I figured it was about time that this list got a little update. Did the list stay roughly the same, or did the ratings change drastically? Were all the restaurants even open still? To stay consistent to the original list, we used Yelp reviews to determine this list.

Try These 8 Delicious Chinese Restaurants in Middletown, NY

With the help of Yelp reviews, it has been decided that these Middletown, NY Chinese restaurants stand above the rest in taste, quality and service!

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

What do you think of this list? Is there another restaurant that should've made the list and received some love? What other kind of restaurant should we focus on next? Hit us up in the app or on our socials!

In the meantime, since we are talking about Middletown, if you get a craving for pizza, then you have to visit these terrific Middletown Pizza Shops!

The 10 Best Pizza Places in Middletown, New York

Here are the top 10 most reviewed pizzerias in Middletown, New York according to Yelp.

Pizza is great for lunch and dinner, but what are you going to have for breakfast? Don't worry, we got that covered for you, as well!

Discover the Best Breakfast Spots in Middletown, New York

These are the Top 10 Breakfast spots in Middletown, New York according to Yelp reviews. Which of these places have you enjoyed?

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh