A recent incident that took place in the City of Beacon gave everyone a scare and the only positive part is that it reminded people to review water safety tips for the summer.

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What recently happened in Beacon, NY?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

According to the Eastern Dutchess County Fire and Rescue Page, on Monday, June 5th, around 11:48 am there was a post about a distressed kayaker in the City of Beacon. The specific location in the City of Beacon was 21 Long Dock Road.

I looked at the comments below and it shows the order of what happened"

  • "City of Newburgh Boat Requested"
  • "Per Command Victim Is Out Of The Water"
  • "All Equipment Back In Service"

Not a lot of details came out about what happened, but It looks like the situation had a happy ending. I'm sure it was very scary for everyone involved and it could have been a number of things like someone having a medical emergency on the water, a kayak flipped or more.  There are so many beautiful spots to go kayaking at in the Hudson Valley that it's important to remember safety tips to prevent a dangerous situation from happening. Some important things to remember are:

  • Do not go out on the water under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Use extra caution when the water is cold
  • Never strap a person or lifejacket to a kayak
  • Always paddle in a group and don't go out alone, when you're in a group try to use verbal commands so everyone knows where everyone is
  • Keep your feet pointed downstream if you fall out of your kayak

Have fun this summer, but be safe.

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