The Hudson Valley is bracing itself for significant road closures and construction work that will impact traffic for quite a while.

What roads will be impacted?

The New York State Department of Transportation has announced that Route 9W and I-84 will both see congestion this week due to planned construction work. While an entire stretch of Route 9W will be completely closed to traffic, lane closures on I-84 will still allow traffic to go through but will cause some major backups.

How long will the closures last?

Both closures begin on Monday, August 8. In the case of the Route 9W closure, road work will last through the end of September. The I-84 lane closures are expect to last about a week.

Jackie Corley
Jackie Corley

Route 9W Closure

Beginning Monday, August 8 construction will begin on Route 9W that will close an entire stretch of the route until September 30. Both directions of the busy route will be inaccessible from 9am until 4pm every day between Dock Street and Main Street in the Town of Saugerties. The Ulster County road work is being done to allow for the installation of a gas main.

Motorists should expect major delays in the area over the next month and a half. A detour has been set up through Washington Avenue, Division Street and Cedar Street.


I-84 Lane Closures

More construction work is the cause of another traffic issue that will also begin on Monday, August 8. The New York State Department of Transportation is warning motorists taking I-84 in Dutchess and Putnam Counties about a lane closure that will last through Friday, August 12.  One lane will be closed between Exit 50 for Lime Kiln Road and Route 684 (Exit 68). The road closures are the result of bridge maintenance.


The DOT is reminding motorists that fines are doubled in work zones and are urging commuters to "slow down and drive responsibly." Licenses are in jeopardy of suspension after just two speeding violations in a work zone.

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