You know when you hear or read a story and it just kind of sticks with you? There's one Hudson Valley legend that always sends a shiver down my spine.

With Halloween coming up this weekend, we've been doing a lot of research regarding some of the most haunted locations across the mid-Hudson region. During my research, I remember a story that a waiter told me when I went to one of the most popular restaurants in Cold Spring.

If you've been down to the adorable Putnam Valley town, you have probably seen or stopped by Cold Spring Depot. The restaurant sits right next to the Metro-North train tracks. According to Google, Cold Spring Depot is an "1893 train depot" turned into an American Cusine restaurant.

1893 you say? It has to be haunted, right?

A few years ago while dining at Cold Spring Depot, the waiter told me a story about a woman in white who would be seen crossing near the trail tracks. I remember looking over my shoulder throughout the whole mean.

So I looked it up and it looks like people have heard similar stories. Randolph Mase shared more of what they learned of the legend on their website, writing:

As legend has it, a wealthy socialite overheard her husband plotting to kill her on a winter night in 1898.  She immediately ran down Main Street to the train station, intending to catch the 10:15 train to Poughkeepsie.  When her husband discovered she was gone, he searched the village, finding her on the bench at the station.  He immediately drove a knife into her chest, killing her, then he was immediately lynched by the outraged townspeople.  It is said to this day that her spirit haunts the depot, and in fact if you sit on the waiting bench at exactly 10:13 pm on a Wednesday night, you can feel a chill as her ghost passes by.

Have you heard this Hudson Valley legend? Ever experience anything at the Cold Spring train station?

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