Just in time for Halloween, a rural New York hotel has been voted the "best haunted hotel in America".

This news should be especially welcome for ghost hunters with standards, because not only is this hotel allegedly one of the most likely places to have a supernatural experience with the dead, but the accommodations for the living have earned the business a nearly perfect rating on Google as well.


Fall Activities in New York

New York state seems to be made for October. From the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves to the scream-inducing haunted hayrides, there's something for fall enthusiasts wherever they fall on the Halloween spectrum. But where can you stay for a luxurious night's rest and have the possibility of a ghost encounter at the same time? It's just a short drive from the Hudson Valley, NY.

Inside the Fainting Goat Island Inn (faintinggoatislandinn.com)
Inside the Fainting Goat Island Inn (faintinggoatislandinn.com)

The "Best Haunted Hotel in America" is Here in New York

Welcome to the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols, NY, named the "best haunted hotel in America" by USA Today. "Best" seems to have multiple meanings as well, because not only do guests report possible paranormal activity, but it has a stellar 4.9-star rating on Google.

But back to the ghosts:

Guests have reported being woken by the voices and visions of two women having tea in the Fainting Room. A child-sized chair has moved beside the bed in the Nubian room, gumballs have spilled onto the floor of an empty hall, footsteps have been heard on a staircase that no longer exists, and eyes have looked back from mirrors.


Visiting the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols, NY

The report from HauntedHistoryTrails.com paints an exciting picture for New Yorkers looking for a spooky experience, but even the ghost-adverse should have a memorable stay. With onsite fainting goats to visit (below) and nearby breweries, wineries, and even a casino to explore, seeing Casper's relatives can almost be seen as a bonus.

Three of the Inn's adorable fainting goats (faintinggoatislandinn.com)
Three of the Inn's adorable fainting goats (faintinggoatislandinn.com)

Haunted Reviews of the Fainting Goat Island Inn

The Inn's proprietors have no problem leaning in to the haunted angle of their business. Ghost tours are available for guests, and reviews complimenting the nighttime "activities" are prominently listed on their website ("We heard foot steps above us and the hubby heard voices and a chain dragging outside on the deck. We will be coming back! Thank you so much!!").

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While the Fainting Goat Island Inn is a roughly two-hour drive from the Hudson Valley, there is obviously plenty to check out closer to home as well. Learn about some of the most reportedly haunted places in the Hudson Valley below, and keep scrolling to check out the 50 best spots in the entire state.

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