A hostage negotiation team is on site as they attempt to reason with a suspect. The one big thing that makes this standoff a little different is that the suspect is sitting all the way up in a tree. And according to officials, he been up there for over a day. Would asking the suspect to show their hands lead to them going for a tumble?

As of this writing, police are still trying to talk the suspect down. NBC says that officials got a call to a dispute in a building in Queens. Sources say the 44-year-old man tried to run from police once they arrived. It was sometime during this pursuit that the suspect climbed the roof of his house. From there, he hoped into a nearby tree where he has stayed for the past 24 hours, according to police.

The negotiation team has reportedly been in contact with the man, though there is no indication if they're making any progress. Police say the man was even able to catch a quick nap or two while up in the tree. They have not indicated if he's had to use the bathroom over the past day. However, neighbors say the man has been able to get into an open upstairs window near the tree, so that may answer that.

NBC says that the initial dispute was apparently between the suspect and his mother. Not too many details are currently available.

In other New York related news, PIX11 is reporting that a man was attacked by a rooster last week in Jamaica, Queens. Officials say the feathered bandit got loose from a neighbor's home before attacking the victim. Now, residents in the neighborhood have been left fearful to walk down the street. The victim told the press that one of his neighbor's was attacked by a chicken in a separate incident. NBC says the bird have been terrorizing this neighborhood for years.

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