A Russian spy plane was spotted over the Hudson Valley on Friday. What was it doing here?

According to a photographer for the Boston Herald, a Russian surveillance jet was tracked by radar flying from Ohio to Newburgh on Wednesday.The plane also traveled over downtown Washington D.C. and Andrew's Air Force Base.

Other reports say the spy plane also gave a symbolic "middle finger" to the United States by looping over the Bedminster, NJ golf course where President Trump happened to be spending his vacation.

Photographer Mark Garfinkel first learned of the plane on Twitter, where a real-time flight tracking service picked up the Russian spy plane's path. After flying over Newburgh the plane eventually headed towards Boston, where Garfinkel was able to get a photograph of it.

The plane had the letters RF on its side, which stand for Russian Federation. Garfinkel also compared his photo of the plane with other pictures of known Russian spy planes to confirm that it was, in fact, a surveillance jet.

Russia does have permission to fly surveillance planes over the United States in accordance with the  Open Skies Treaty. This allows countries to monitor other nations to confirm that they are complying with arms agreements.