Hudson Valley actress and small business owner Hilarie Burton Morgan is slated to host a new true-crime docuseries on Sundance TV.

Earlier this week, Deadline announced that the One Three Hill alum would be hosting a true-crime docuseries called It Could Happen Here. Deadline reports that the show will focus on " small-town American crime stories that demonstrate how crime impacts these tight-knit communities in unique and surprising ways."

Burton-Morgan shared the news on her personal Instagram page and explained how a recent Hudson Valley criminal case inspired her work on the new television series. On Instagram she wrote:

After a really troubling case rocked my small town (@westandwithnikki ) I started to see a pattern in how rural communities struggled within the criminal justice system. Where are the resources and advocacy groups and support for people in these places? We are all expected to participate in our criminal justice system, as taxpayers, voters and jurors. But it is an increasingly difficult space to navigate.
How can we help with that?

The case Burton-Morgan is referring to is the case of Nicole Addimando. Addimnado was found guilty of murder after shooting the father of her children, Christopher Grover, in 2017.

Addimando explained that she shot Grover in self-defense after suffering through years of abuse. The Mother of 2 was to serve 19-years to life in prison.

In 2021, Addimando received a reduced sentence under the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act and could be out of prison in 2 years.

Hilarie Burton Morgan told Deadline

Advocating for small towns has been the primary focus of my adult life, whether it’s fighting for mom and pop shops, or public schools or facilities like Astor Services. I believe deeply in the value of these small communities.

You can watch the 6 part docuseries, It Can Happen Here, when it premiers on September 9th, on Sundance TV.

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