The coronavirus is impacting all of us in different ways, but at the same time we're all in the same boat of being stuck at home, perhaps, with not a lot to do.

Some people are taking advantage of this time to get their lives/homes in order, we've got some advice for you here about cleaning out your closets - I did some of this over the weekend and have a nice pile of clothes to donate, as well as some blankets and sheets for the animal shelter.

Another area of the home that could probably use some attention, the refrigerator - am I speaking your language now?

I was mindlessly scrolling through facebook earlier today and one of my friends had a post with a picture of a bunch of condiments, with the following: #coronacondimentchallenge

How many of us are guilty of having outdated/expired/or just plain gross looking condiments sitting in the fridge, guilty here, 100%.

Well, now is the perfect time to dedicate some serious time to going through your fridge, tossing out the old and expired stuff in there that might look like a science experiment gone wrong (look kids, we made this), and give the fridge a nice wipe down.

If you need a guide to reference how long you really should hold onto those condiments, check this out to get started.

I think we should have a little competition, right?  Post your photos of what you are tossing, and use the #coronacondimentchallenge on social media to join in on all the fridge purge fun!