If you're bored during your quarantine, do I have the perfect task for you.

You're probably working at home right now. Whether you're playing teacher too or just trying to stay sane, I'm sure a little bit of you needs a distraction. If you're looking for a distraction, the perfect thing is to clean out your closet.

Not only will you feel refreshed after getting rid of old clothes, but you'll also probably feel more organized. There's nothing like the feeling of cleaning out clutter to only be more organized. I also highly recommend donating these clothes instead of just throwing them out. Or you can even donate blankets and towels to an animal shelter.

Not only will you feel great, help people and need, but you'll also just pass the time. Cleaning out your closet takes time because you have to try on stuff. And you'll probably find a random item that reminds you of that one time with friends or family. You'll just fall into a rabbit hole of memories.

Have fun with your spring cleaning.

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