So, far be it from me to be the kind of person who spreads a rumor, but I heard over the weekend that the pumpkin crop wasn't the best this year. If this information is accurate, that could mean that if you wait too long to get your pumpkin for Halloween, you could be out of luck.

So where did this rumor begin? Well, I was out at a local store where people who travel from the city shop. Some of these folks had been to a local farm to pick their annual Hudson Valley Pumpkin for Halloween and noticed that the pumpkins didn't seem to be as big or as plentiful as in past years.

It was their opinion that the local pumpkin crop wasn't as big or as plentiful as in past years. That's when another customer chimed in with a comment that he had seen pumpkins on a truck on the highway that appeared to be destined for the Hudson Valley. As if they were being shipped in from someplace. That is just about the time when another person entered the conversation with the observation that the wet humid summer had caused a lot of the local pumpkin crop to rot on the vine.

Suddenly everyone was talking pumpkin shortage and commenting that you better get a pumpkin while you can still grab one. Whether any of this is true or not, you would have to ask a local pumpkin grower but to air on the side of caution, I wouldn't wait much longer to grab up your holiday jack o Lantern.

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