Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain have been granted a restraining order against Love’s former manager Sam Lutfi. The judge who handed down the order extended the typical three-year Permanent Restraining Order (PRO) to span five years, as the judge claimed Lutfi “seems to prey upon people.”

Before the Love debacle, Lutfi was caught up in legal issues with Britney Spears. A decade ago, Lutfi was the pop star’s manager, but he was also hit with a restraining order during Spears’ tumultuous mental health struggle.

Love was given a Temporary Restraining Order against Lutfi back in December. The Hole frontwoman claims the manager was harassing Love and her family with emails, texts and phone calls in an effort to recoup money he alleges she owed him.

“The escalating verbal harassment and threats of Sam Lutfi left no choice for Courtney and her family but to seek protection,” Love’s attorney, Howard King said. “The Cobains are grateful for the anti-harassment order issued by the Los Angeles Superior Court against Mr. Lutfi and the powers it provides law enforcement to assure that Mr. Lutfi terminates all contact with the family.”

Under the terms of the PRO, which was obtained by Rolling Stone, Lutfi is ordered to stay 100 feet away from Courtney Love, Frances Bean and Love’s sister Jaimee at all times. He is also restricted from contacting them in any way and has been warned about making comments on social media about the three women.

Lutfi was also implicated in a 2016 lawsuit claiming he helped orchestrate the alleged kidnapping of Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband, Isaiah Silva.

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