A man who ran for office in the Hudson Valley says Gov. Cuomo will "employ all the dirty tricks in his arsenal," to make sure Marc Molinaro isn't reelected Dutchess County Executive.

According to Phil Oliva, Gov. Cuomo wants to destroy Marc Molinaro for running against Cuomo in last fall's election for New York Governor.

"To that end he has recruited a Democrat to run against Marcus Molinaro this fall for Dutchess County election. He will fund the candidate and employ all the dirty tricks in his arsenal. He’s already doing it. He has operatives circulating Conservative Party petitions for his hand-picked Democratic candidate," Oliva wrote in a Facebook post that's going viral.

Andrew Cuomo defeated Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro in last fall's election by over 20 points, according to the New York State Board of Elections. Molinaro won a number of Hudson Valley counties, including Dutchess, Orange and Putnam counties, but Cuomo received the most votes for governor in New York history.

Oliva, who lost to Sean Patrick Maloney in the 2016 election for New York's 18th Congressional District, considers Molinaro a friend and "very good county executive."

"To be honest, I don’t know much about the Democrat but if Cuomo is behind him that’s all I need to know. A guy who celebrated infanticide and free college for illegals and who said conservatives 'have no place in the state of New York' is no friend of mine and I’m not interested in his hand-picked guys either," Oliva said.