This one Hudson Valley college student is going to be a star!

Danny Gurniak of Pearl River, New York is a featured student cast member on the series, "The College Tour." "The College Tour" is an Amazon Prime series that tells the story of a single college through the lens of its students. It's a great way to actually get a feel for a college because you're getting the perspective of the students who choose to be there.

Who is Danny Gurniak?

Danny Gurniak is a resident of Pearl River, NY and now attends Columbia University as a grad student. During his time at Ramapo, Daniel was a Mathematics major with a minor in Public Policy and Political Science. Danny was also active in the Student Government Association, Peer Facilitation program, and the Ramapo College Admissions Office. He is still part of the Ramapo community as a graduate assistant in the Center for Student Involvement.

I had the opportunity to ask Danny a few questions about his experience on The College Tour, along with his time at Ramapo College.

How did you get involved with "The College Tour?"

"I heard they were coming to campus and thought it would be a great fit for me since I was involved in so many clubs and organizations, including Student Government Association, Peer Facilitators, and Admissions Student Ambassadors, and could speak enthusiastically about campus life and what it is like to be a Roadrunner."

What was it like being featured in the television program?

"It felt great to be able to share my experiences about Ramapo with the rest of the world. I sang our National Anthem at athletics events such as ice hockey and basketball, so I was used to performing in front of a large audience. This was exciting because the audience was so much larger even though during filming, it was just me and the production crew on Ramapo’s beautiful campus."

Do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes stories you would like to share?

Ramapo College
Ramapo College

"The most interesting part of the behind-the-scenes experience was that it felt so natural to be on camera. I was expecting it to be different, but coming from being a campus tour guide, student government cabinet member, and a peer facilitator, it felt like I was just having a conversation about what I loved so much about my school - the environment, the people, and the opportunities. A behind-the-scenes fun fact is that my on-camera wardrobe exposed that I never returned my friend Chris Dressler’s Ramapo College ice hockey quarter-zip pullover. (It’s tough finding someone to share clothes with when you’re 6’5!)"

The episode is part of Season Six and already available for viewing on The College Tour site, and will soon be on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Roku. How does it feel to have this episode out there?

"I’m getting nothing but positive feedback from friends, family, colleagues, athletes and other students. As a recent alumnus and new grad assistant for Ramapo College, it is amazing to see the reach this episode has to recruit new students, retain current ones, and expand our profile across the country. Ramapo College has an amazing story to tell and I am proud to represent the Hudson Valley and hope others in the area check out Ramapo College and love it as much as I do."

How are you feeling about the live campus event at Ramapo debuting the full episode on October 13th? Are you excited or nervous to share this in person with your peers?

"I’m so excited! It’s great to share the good stuff about the college experience at Ramapo, and all that I participated in and enjoyed because of vibrant student activities and professional opportunities available to students. I’m proud of my work on this episode and honored to be part of it. I invited all my family and friends to come support me and my friends on the stage."

What drove you, as a Hudson Valley Native, to go to school at Ramapo?

Ramapo College
Ramapo College









"My friend Thomas and his mom Tina told me I should go take a look at Ramapo and thought it would be a great fit for me. Ramapo wasn’t even on my radar until I visited; then, it was the only school on my radar. It was far enough to be a different environment and close enough for me to drive home for special family and friend events, which really was the best of both worlds as a student. In addition, it’s so close to New York City and all the big football and hockey stadiums to go with friends as well as the New York and New Jersey job network that is unmatched by any other area of the United States."

Where to Find "The College Tour"

As of right now, Ramapo's episode is available on the official College Tour site and on the College Tour channel on Roku and Apple TV, along with the Tubi streaming service. Amazon will release the full Season 6 on November 9th and Ramapo plans to unveil the episode October 13th. The free event will take place at the Sharp Theater in the Berrie Center where attendees will be able to meet the cast and ask questions. The event will also be live-streamed for those who can't attend in person.

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