I'm a millennial and even I don't agree with this one but it was a hugely popular show in the '90s.

I don't care what any old timer says about Father Knows Best, Mr. Ed or Bonanza. The '50s and '60s was not the golden age of television.

As a 90's kid I had the privilege to park my behind in front of some of the best shows on television. There was a time where you literally wouldn't want to move because another great show was on the way. Every kid had to watch TGIF on ABC. No weekend was complete without Saturday night SNICK on Nickelodeon. Who remembers the Sunday night line up on Fox? The Simpsons played just before Married with Children and the night was ended with The X Files.

YouGov, ran a survey and determined these were the most popular shows according to millennials.

  • Saturday Night Live
  • Friends
  • America's Funniest Home Videos

And the most popular is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You won't find a millennial who can't recite the entire theme song.

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