We get our long-lost hour back this weekend. Day Light Savings Time ends this Sunday (November 7th) at 2 AM.  If you ask most people what they plan to do with that hour they will say sleep in but what if you chose to actually move your extra hour out of the middle of the night? What would you do with it instead?

I have put together this quick list of things you could do simply by not turning your clock back until you want to. Of course, if you have to be somewhere on time Sunday this could be a bit of a problem but if you can work it out why not take the extra hour when you want on Sunday.

What to do with the extra hour


1 - If you like to hike you could head to your favorite trail say the R2R in New Paltz and hike an extra hour. How it would work is you arrive at 9 AM but you haven't turned your clock back. You can start hiking at 9 AM and when your clock changes to 10 AM simply turn it back to 9 AM and keep hiking.

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Nikolay Tsuguliev

2 - Following the same logic as the hiking idea, say you are a fan of Sunday Brunch, you could head to Shadows on the Hudson for Brunch at 1 PM, and when the clock turned 2 PM turn it back and start all over at 1 PM. Just remember you might need a reservation so you are going to have to build that into your time because they will have already changed their clock at Shadows.

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3 - Go to Resorts World Catskills for an afternoon of food and fun. This one is easy you just go when you want because no one cares what time it is at a casino than when you feel like leaving turn your watch back an hour and decide if you're heading out or going the use that extra hour to let it ride.

If you do plan to play fast and furious with your time on Sunday I just want to remind you that this plan won't work for TV programs which means if you plan to watch sports or more importantly the Premiere of Season 4 of Yellowstone keep track of the clock. The worst that can happen is you are an hour early but that would suck because that means you didn't do anything but wait to watch TV with your extra hour. However waiting on Yellowstone would be worth it.

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