Are you looking for a classic movie night but you are tired of sitting on the couch? Have you binge-watched everything you wanted on your Netflix account and now it is time to get out of the house? We may have found something you can do that involves watching movies. Plus, it will get you out to a cool place in the Hudson Valley you may not even know about.

The Denizen, a Black Box Theatre

The Denizen Theatre in New Paltz which is located at Water Street Market is what they call a black box theatre. It is a small, intimate venue that is designed to make the theatre-goer feel like they are part of the performance. I have been fortunate enough to attend a few plays and events at the Denizen. It really does have a very unique feel when you are inside. You really do feel like the show you are watching is surrounding you.

I imagine for the Denizen's Winter Classic movie series, the small theatre setting will add to the experience. This is the first Winter Classic Film Series that the Denizen has held and they have made some great movie choices for moviegoers of all ages.

Denis Raev

There is a total of 4 movies over 4 weeks and each movie offers two performance times: 4 PM and 7 PM. Admission is just $2 plus there will be complimentary refreshments. Seating is limited.

What Movies Will They Show?

February 12th: The Princess Bride - perfect for Valentine's Weekend.

February 19th: The Planet of the Apes (The Original Film)

February 26th: UP

March 5th: The Magnificent Seven (the original film) will wrap up the Winter Series.

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