A developer from New Jersey has submitted plans for the land surrounding the Harriman Train Station. Just south of the Woodbury Commons, and along Route 17, the development would be a huge job temporary job creator for the area, while generating millions in tax revenue per year and 1,500 new homes.

According to The Photo News, the building site would be 130 acres in total space and cost approximately $443 million dollars. While conserving some wetlands in the process, the project would also create 250,000 square feet of retail space, and interconnect with the Heritage and Adirondack trails.

Orange County has seen a ton of interest lately, in terms of large building projects. This same space was purchased by Caesars, when New York was studying where to allow casinos to be built. There is the recent plans of Kiryas Joel to build multiple developments to expand it's community, and Legoland is still going through the approval process in Goshen.

If all these projects were approved, they would all be within 20 minutes of each other and the Woodbury Commons.