If there's one thing I hate it's pumping my own gas. Did I really find the last gas station with a built-in latch to pump my gas? If it's not, where the heck are they? Are they legal? Are they not legal? I can't really seem to find a definite answer. All I know is that it sure does make pumping gas a lot easier.

What are these things and what makes them such a hazard? Apparently, they're called "hold on-clips" and they are quite dangerous. While using this clip, should someone drive away while still pumping gas, the static electricity can cause a spark during the fueling process, which would obviously be a hazard.

Fire Marshall's do frown on them but I have not found any concrete evidence behind their legality.


Where are the last gas stations using "hold on-clips" holding out? Is this one of the Hudson Valley's best-kept secret.

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