Yesterday, April 4th, was a day for celebrating...National Burrito Day, obviously!  Apparently NY does not love burritos as much as some of our other favorite food finds, but that's no reason to skip the celebration.

Anyway, if you spent too much time yesterday figuring out the difference between a burrito and a wrap that you didn't have the chance to properly celebrate, here comes THIS....


That's right, turn yourself into a human burrito with this find that grew in popularity so much after trending on social media recently, that it SOLD OUT.  Now, we aren't just talking on the main burrito blanket shop (yeah, it's a thing), but Amazon is completely sold out as well.

Who knew there was such a demand for this "5 foot in diameter 100% soft and plush microfiber blanket with a NEW, UPDATED design that makes it more realistic " - all according to it's Amazon description.

If you can't wait for restocking through amazon or the official shop, you can 'roll up' (went there, yup) into this shop that still has them available, for now anyway.

Is your burrito game so strong that you either already have, or plan to own this burrito blanket?